Amigos, starring the talented hero Nandamuri Kalyan ram, will be released on february 10. The film's first look teaser, which was directed by Rajendra reddy and debuted a few weeks ago, was well received by audiences. In the film, kalyan ram plays three roles. Additionally, the public is loving the movie a lot thanks to the advertising. Even before it is released, this intriguing endeavour is already bringing in money for Mythri movie Makers.

Because it comes after "Bimbisara," kalyan Ram's biggest box office success to date, and because it has strong trade talk among other february releases, interest in this movie is at an all-time high. It appears that the film's budget was entirely covered by non-theatrical rights. The enormous box office success of Bimbisara helped to propel the sales of this chic action thriller.

Kalyan ram comes back to dazzle the audience with his fantastic performances and intriguing material. It appears that he will maintain his success with Amigos. Ashika Ranganath, a kannada beauty, plays the female lead in Amigos. The film's cinematographer is S Sundar Rajan, and movie MAKERS' target='_blank' title='mythri movie makers-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>mythri movie makers is funding it on a very lavish scale which we can't imagine.

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