BVS, a writer-director The movie "Jawaan," which was directed by ravi and starred Sai Dharam Tej, was a financial flop. ravi continued to write after this, although he didn't go on to direct any further movies. The producer of "Jawaan," dil Raju, who is known for producing family-friendly movies, interfered with the production, according to him, despite the fact that he had no prior expertise with the genre that ravi had in mind for "Jawaan."

Ravi claims that this led to a shift in the movie's general tone and atmosphere, which eventually contributed to its box office failure. The tamil movie "Dhruva" was in production when "Jawaan" was finished, and due to coincidental similarities between the two movies, negative comparisons were made. The main character, Sai Dharam Tej, also believed that the film's emphasis on family relationships was crucial, which increased to the uncertainty and unfavourable outcome.

Regarding his prior experiences as a director, ravi mentioned that his first movie, "Wanted," similarly failed because of his inexperience. He added that the inspiration for the story of the movie "Thank You" came from his own family. In addition, ravi claimed that satish vegesna would have helmed this project had Srinivasa Kalyanam's album been a success rather than vikram K. Kumar. Additionally, according to ravi, it was because of an old advance he received from producer Allu Arvind that he was given the chance to manage Balakrishna's Unstoppable.

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