The action-packed performance of the movie's hero Sundeep Kishan in the theatrical trailer for Michael, which will be in theatres on february 3rd, enthralled everyone. In his exclusive chat with us, the actor who appeared trim, athletic, and gorgeous in the teaser claims that he lost weight in order to play the part. "I got this idea of getting a makeover to look new when I was making a film where I did a part that I never did before. The appearance of the character is modelled off Nagarjuna's stern and lanky avatar in Shiva. I have a lot of energy right now and could pull off feats with ease.

Up until recently, the film's creators kept a quiet profile, which, according to Sundeep, was done on purpose to let the teaser and trailer disclose the type of movie they made. "This movie is going to be fantastic. A crazy action love story set in the criminal world of the 1990s. The romance is absurd. By making this movie, I hope to push myself beyond of my comfort zone. In the trailer, we gave away the plot.

It resembles Rambo falling in love The high action setting gives prasthanam a completely new vibe. According to Sundeep, he would have three different looks in the film. "I will play a character who is between the ages of 16 and 29," the actor said.

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