Anil Ravipudi, the director of Nandamuri Balakrishna's forthcoming film, has been searching for the ideal heroine for a very long time. As the main lady for #NBK108, names like Sonakshi Sinha, priyanka Jawalkar, and others have been mentioned. However, this is the final choice. The casting crew has chosen to cast a married actress and a mother as the romantic couple for NBK.

High-ranking sources claim that #NBK108 has now paid the actress Kajal Aggarwal's advance. Aggarwal took a 6-month break from acting after giving birth to her first kid. Kajal Aggarwal, who recently gave birth to her first child, is determined to pursue her career even after giving birth, and she recently took part in the filming of indian 2, in which she stars alongside Kamal Haasan. After previously collaborating with his contemporaries like megastar chiru, she will now be working with Balakrishna.

Although balayya planned to use a typical, inexpensive heroine, the production crew reportedly felt the need to add star power and chose Kajal instead. Similar to how shruti haasan enhanced Veera simha Reddy, Kajal will now carry out her duties. We just need to wait for the official word from the actress's mouth or the production house right now.

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