Starring suhas On february 3rd, Shanmukha Prashanth will release the screenplay Padmabhushan. After Major, this is the second film that sharath chandra and Anurag reddy have produced. In addition to making movies, they also promote other people's movies online. The team claims to spend a lot of time coming up with movie promotion ideas. "We talk about different topics for a long time. For us, that is the most joyful period. We talk about marketing tactics among ourselves.

According to sharath and Anurag, the majority of directors and producers narrate stories so that they may schedule the promotional campaigns. Producers have such a strong faith in us that they narrate the stories. We occasionally offer our opinions on the story. The non-theatrical rights alone allowed writer Padmabhushan to recoup the first expenditure. We would be delighted if the film received more positive reviews from viewers rather than just more money.

They worked together to create Adivi Sesh's Major with Mahesh Babu. "We are open to working with mahesh babu sir once more. But to do that, we need a fantastic script that lives up to the high standards. For the past eight to nine years, mahesh babu sir and I have been travelling together. namrata madam proposed working with us to produce movies starring other celebrities. That is how Major came about.

After his film with SS rajamouli, many forecast mahesh babu will become a major international star. "After his film with rajamouli sir, mahesh babu will be a hollywood actor in 4 to 5 years. He ought to act in both domestic and foreign telugu movies.

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