The Waltair Veerayya Grand success Meet was place last night in Warangal. After acharya and GodFather's failures, the Megastar's stardom was in serious doubt, hence the movie's triumph was a big relief for him and his fan base. However, that relief has since changed into something else. people in Chiranjeevi's immediate vicinity began giving him constant "Bhajana," which caused the megastar to unintentionally into that "self-obsessed" state. 

"Bobby was surprised when I improved the wallposter scene by kissing ravi Teja," chiranjeevi stated in his speech. No huge hero will elevate a tiny hero by kissing him, he said to me. Following this description of chiranjeevi as a "little hero," ravi teja devotees who had previously been so kind to their idol, chiranjeevi, erupted in rage. chiranjeevi ought to have exercised caution in public. Although ravi teja may have grown up in the business before him, he is now a great hero.

Despite the fact that actors today are hesitant to do multistar films, ravi teja decided to do so. ravi Teja's credit for the movie was progressively being taken away by those close to chiranjeevi and his supporters. Since the film's release, all the attention has been on chiranjeevi, with only a passing mention of ravi Teja.

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