Recent reports suggest that "Project K" starring prabhas and nag ashwin will be split into two portions. Along with the already scheduled releases of "Adipurush," "Salaar 1," and "Salaar 2," this is also coming out. prabhas would then have a frenzy of movie releases over the following several years, with two movies released in each of the years 2023, 2024, and 2025. Given that his most recent movies, including "Saaho" in 2019 and "Radhe Shyam" in 2022, weren't particularly successful, there is some doubt about whether prabhas is taking his profession seriously by releasing so many movies so soon.

Prabhas has a sizable and devoted following, but it's not obvious if the general public would be happy with a regular stream of movies rather than well-planned and well-made projects. Given that "Project K" hasn't even been finished yet, the speculations of two parts raise concerns about the movie's calibre. The choice to divide a movie into two parts is frequently made commercially in order to increase revenue, but it can also lessen the effect of the narrative. There is a chance that "Project K's" two components will lessen its influence.

Prabhas should have a lot of control over the projects he chooses to work on because he is the captain of his film career. He must take into account how his decisions will affect the calibre of his work and his standing as an actor. Although he may release a lot of things at once, it could be better for him to concentrate on a smaller number of excellent products that are highly accepted by viewers.

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