I have a particular place in my heart for Chiranjeevi. Since the days of "Veena Step," I have been a devoted devotee.

Mahesh also owns a portion of me.

- I've loved balayya dearly and have been a lifelong supporter.

Since I was a young child, I've been a fan of Pawan Kalyan.

I hold ravi teja in the highest regard.

- I share the tremendous admiration of many for Prabhas.

- I enjoy watching nagarjuna just as much as my family does.

- bunny has a special place in my heart, and he frequently appears as the protagonist in my dreams.

Even if you question me in my sleep, I am a lover of NTR.

These comments do not come from separate Pawan, NTR, Prabhas, or Mahesh fans. They all come from the same person, SS Thaman. Thaman's fandom of multiple heroes has recently generated conversation on social media. But don't take this topic too seriously; it's only for fun. Thaman recently hailed all the tollywood heroes in an interview with a YouTube channel.

Some online users launched the amusing topic "Thaman, the fan of all" using footage from the interview. This has also caused previous videos in which Thaman talks to resurface, making it challenging to contain one's laughter. The entire episode has evolved into a humorous debate.

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