The RJ-turned-actor balaji Venugopal will make his directing debut with the yogi Babu-starring movie Lucky Man. The Rajathanthiram-famous actor also appears in the upbeat comedy Rachel Rebecca, of Veera and Kadaisi Vivasayi fame, plays the pivotal role.

Balaji, famed for movies like Naaigal Jaakirathai, Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi, and Kanaa, has already tried his hand at directing comic sketch videos for the madras Meter YouTube channel, including Husbanned and Theri Baby. He says that the family will enjoy and be moved by the movie Lucky Man. "It'll be like a hearty home-cooked supper, Lucky Man. I sought to incorporate several socially significant subjects into the movie while maintaining its sense of humour."

He continues by emphasising that the movie is totally unrelated to the fantasy drama of the same name starring Pratap Pothen and Kartik. "Lucky Man fit the storyline well, and it will be wonderful to reuse the name of a movie we really liked. We had a few other titles in mind. Apart from the name, neither the themes nor the plot of our movie are lifted from that one. A small-time trader is the main character of my narrative, and I tried to convey the events in his life realistically."

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