'Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain' fame Saumya Tandon was put vermilion by a boy, the actress revealed

Recently, tv actress Saumya Tandon shared her experience of dealing with molestation during her studies. He told that a person had put 'sindoor' on his forehead in the middle of the road. 'Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain' fame Saumya Tandon was put vermilion by a boy, the actress revealed.

Famous tv show 'Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain' fame Saumya Tandon is known for her on-point comic style and amazing fashion sense. Saumya has enthralled the audience by playing the character of 'Bhabhiji' for five years. She is a popular actress but few know that she was molested several times while growing up in Ujjain, madhya pradesh and the fear of it still haunts her. 

Recently, in an interview, Saumya recalled the horrific days she went through while growing up in Ujjain. The 38-year-old actress revealed a horrifying incident when a man stopped his bike in front of her and applied sindoor on her. She said, "One winter night when I was coming back home, a boy stopped the bike and applied sindoor on my forehead."

Saumya also shared an incident when she was coming from school on her cycle, a boy overtook her on his bike and she fell off the cycle and hit her head. He recalled that no one even took care of him and the bike rider had abandoned him and fled. It was his mother who took him to the hospital. He further shared, “Growing up in Ujjain, all I saved myself from was beatings, looking at the writings on the wall, throwing letters, and being chased on the street.”

Saumya revealed that when she started giving auditions, she was rejected because of her fair complexion. She shared that whenever she auditioned, people used to say, "You are not Indian." He shared that 'light eyes and white complexion' is not Indian. Before marriage, both had dated each other for about 10 years, after which they married in the year 2016. She shares very few pictures of her family on social media.

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