Avasarala srinivas tried to complicate a straightforward love narrative by picking it. Yet nowhere does it become challenging. It merely becomes tedious and extended beyond custom. Without any real purpose, the characters just appear and disappear. The love relationship between the main characters demands much better writing and plot. 

The ineffectual scenes and plodding tempo only make patience harder to handle. The Avakaya scene, the inappropriate interaction between abhishek Maharshi and the foreign girl, and her birthday party, for example, all appeared forced. There was a lot of room for creating humor and pleasure. The vennela by deva katta was far superior to anything else that indian students abroad encountered. The comedy and love story of PAPA failed to connect with the audience, confusing them.

There are ineffectual scenarios everywhere. Scenes that should have worked poorly instead. This movie depends on the charisma of the lead couple. Even that failed to function as expected. PAPA might have sounded lovely on paper, but it was incomprehensible on screen. The translation rendered it entirely meaningless. This poor writing cannot be saved by the feel-good factor. The narration's use of chapters doesn't do the story any honor.

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