Due to her marriage and pregnancy, popular actress Kajal Agarwal took a vacation from acting a couple of years ago. In the interim, her postponed initiatives were made public. Kajal made her comeback with the tamil movie Ghosty after a lengthy absence. This movie, which is billed as a horror comedy, also stars yogi Babu, radhika Sarathkumar, and KS ravi Kumar. The movie Ghosty debuted on march 17, 2023.

The conversation was terrible, and the movie didn't even get the very minimum openings. As a result, the project was a washout. The producers were unable to even break even. Most of the fans felt they need to see the glamorous kajal aggarwal as she was before marriage and not this stuff. The telugu release of Ghosty is scheduled for the following week.

According to the outcome in tamil, telugu may also suffer the same outcome. In addition, major releases like Dhamki and dasara are imminent. The fact that the movie received little attention and did not harm Kajal's reputation is a plus. I hope she returns in her second innings with a more solid project. Stay tuned for more updates. s s s

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