In addition to being a well-known star hero in kannada movies, upendra is also a well-liked filmmaker. His successful films include Om, Upendra, Uppi 2, and Super. Rajinikanth, a superstar, stated his wish to collaborate with upendra as a director after seeing his 2010 film Super and was greatly moved by the narrative. He also confessed that the narration impressed super star to a great extent and he has asked for a bounded script.

But until today, that combination hadn't been successful. Recently, upendra was questioned about potential working with Rajinikanth during the promotion of his most recent movie, Kabzaa. In response, upendra stated that working with Rajinikanth is the goal of every director and that everyone in the industry wants to do it. He said, "His statement alone is enough for me," upendra continued.

He continued by saying that because of his playing job, he doesn't often direct movies anymore. If I don't come up with some strange ideas, I won't be interested in directing a movie. Thus, it will be interesting to see whether he ever has an outrageous idea that will fit Rajinikanth's persona. Currently, upendra is helming the movie UI. Post-production is now underway.

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