kgf and kgf 2, two kannada movies that were box office smashes, pleasantly shocked the world. Then there came Kantara, which enjoyed a respectable run at theatres around India. Nevertheless, that's pretty much it. Vikrant Rona, a pan-Indian extravaganza with Kiccha Sudeep, was a dud. Kabza has recently received excitement as another purported pan-Indian release from a kannada film. However, it is currently regarded as a subpar imitation of kgf and is rejected by audiences in other languages.

The secret to an industry having promising futures at the pan-Indian box office is consistency. Yet following the genuine pan-Indian hits kgf and kgf 2, kannada film only had Kantara, which was only marginally successful. Internet users are remarking that kgf was a one-off success for kannada cinema and that everything else has been going downhill afterward. The most recent failure, Kabza, is thought to be a subpar imitation of KGF. This significantly lowers the spirit even further.

Kabzaa earned Rs 3 crore (early estimates) on Monday, according to industry tracker Sacnilk, increasing the movie's total take to Rs 24.45 cr. In the Kannada-speaking market, it had an occupancy rate of 22.60%. There are claims that the movie's box office receipts are being overstated, though.

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