Queen bee samantha Ruth Prabu has been a viral topic after posting a video of herself getting ready in stylish outfits to promote the movie Shaakuntalam in Mumbai. The crowd was in awe of her because of her hot appearance, stylish clothing, and the manner in which she promoted the movie in Mumbai. The Vijay devarakonda starter's producers' announcement of the kushi release date also contributed to the actress's status as a trending topic on Thursday. The main concern for now, though, is how this trend functions.

The most important thing is that samantha will be arriving on april 14th with Shaakuntalam and that she will be aggressively marketing it to draw attention to the initiative in almost five languages. Virupaksha, Ponniyan Selvan 2, Agent, and Ravanasura are all releasing within a week and two weeks after Shaakuntalam, therefore there is a lot of competition on that day. Raviteja and kiran Abbavaram are also arriving at that time. The actress needs to put in a lot of effort to become the sole draw for the movie in order to draw attention, gain openings, and have a solo run at theaters for at least a week.

We must wait and see how the actress promotes the film in the telugu states as these openers are far more important than the non-Telugu release where they are likely to have a limited release, despite the fact that her attractiveness and the fancy promotional event are already becoming talking points.

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