Ram Charan's Orange's re-release was initially viewed with scepticism. Many supporters claimed that it would be better to distribute Charan's earlier movies, which were genuine box office successes. Orange does have chart-topping music, but it bombed at the box office after its initial release, and fans feared the same thing would happen when it was re-released.

To everyone's astonishment, the movie did really well upon its return to theatres. Most areas in Orange have seen extremely high occupancy rates, and the majority of the events are packed to capacity. The crew did a good job of organising and carrying out the re-release. They initially only offered the screening for a small number of programs, but as demand grew, they gradually increased the amount of shows.

Ram Charan and genelia played the key characters in bommarillu Bhaskar's film Orange, which was directed by him. The movie, which naga Babu produced, debuted in 2010 amid high anticipation because it was Charan's follow-up to the critical and commercial success of Magadheera. The movie was a commercial flop for a variety of reasons, and Charan's career as a whole suffered as a result. The record went on to become a chart-topper right away and is still a favourite of many people today.

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