The issue of re-screening earlier hero movies has come up once more with Orange's re-release. Allu Arjun, an icon star, is the only major hero who hasn't had a re-release despite the fact that every other major hero has. And this has angered a lot of supporters, who are now criticising his PR department. Even veteran actors like chiranjeevi and balakrishna had re-releases, as did Mahesh Babu, Pawan Kalyan, Jr. NTR, ram Charan, and Prabhas.

Every fandom is now commemorating the birthday of their favourite hero in theatres by reissuing classic movies. Because of this pattern, Allu Arjun's PR team announced a few months ago that desamuduru would be re-released on april 8th, the day of Allu Arjun's birthday. The team has yet to provide an update as his birthday approaches, and they are now dissatisfied with the PR team's answer. Many fans are struggling because it was a significant matter of prestige for them.

The fans received a bad reaction when they inquired about the status of the re-release on Desamuduru. Fans can watch several of Allu Arjun's flicks in theatres if they are redistributed from his repertoire. There were requests for special arya and desamuduru events a few months ago. desamuduru has a larger audience than other heroes, therefore its supporters are anxious to watch it on theatre screens and appreciate it.

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