The entire cast attended Nani's huge pre-release function for his dasara film at Anantapur. The event was a huge success, drawing a sizable crowd. Deekshit Shetty, who had a significant part as Suri, a close friend of Nani's, referred to dasara as his magnum effort. He complimented the film's director Srikanth Odela for giving him the clearest explanations possible. 

"I travelled a great deal with Nani, and he insisted that I always stand by his side. I'll always be appreciative of him. Keerthy suresh is a really generous person. The producers are quite creative. My heart is really near to Dasara. From the cameraman to the music director to the production designer to the editor, Keerthy suresh praised all the crew members for contributing their very best work to the film. She referred to all of the actors who played her brothers as pals.

"The director Srikanth is a sweet and innocent man. A newcomer getting this many actors is a significant deal, and producer Sudhakar deserves praise for providing him his wish list in full. dasara is a complete film. Deekshitis a talented dancer and actress. I previously completed nenu local with Nani. However, dasara seems close to me. You are a wonderful friend and co-star, Nani. In this film, he was holding a sword. Just picture it as it would appear on a screen.

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