A video that Manchu Manoj published before deleting it earlier today quickly gained popularity on social media. Manoj is seen recording the video as manchu vishnu is seen charging at him. A couple of men are restraining Vishnu. Later, there were rumours in the media that Saradhi, who had spent more than 20 years by Manchu Mohan Babu's side, was the man in the video who Manoj said vishnu had attacked. 

According to reports, Saradhi has now gradually drifted to Manoj's side. According to rumors, Saradhi is a soft-spoken relative of mohan babu as well. Manchu lakshmi said that she would only speak about the viral video once she had spoken to vishnu and Manoj when asked to comment on it. The event is serious to Manchu mohan babu, according to media reports. Later, vishnu said that the morning's events were merely a little mishap and that he and his brother frequently experience similar things. He saw the incident humorously.

The two sons of telugu actor mohan babu, Manoj and vishnu Manchu, do not get along well. Manoj released a video on social media that proved the rumours about their feud were accurate. In the video, two people are seen consoling Vishnu, and Manoj is heard complaining that vishnu broke into the house and attacked two of his men.

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