dasara, starring nani and Keerthy Suresh, is generating a lot of buzzes. The anticipation for the movie, which will be released on march 30th, is growing. The US premiere will be on march 29. Dasara's success in the international market is the focus of all business attention.

Trade analysts predict that dasara will be Nani's finest opening both domestically and internationally. It is anticipated that the movie would make over half a million from premieres alone, particularly in the US region. dasara will be released by Prathyangira Cinemas in the USA on 600+ telugu screens and another 200+ hindi and tamil screens; this will be a record for nani in the international market. Interestingly, dasara is helmed by srikanth Odela, a recent arrival. For nani and the team, this is the reason it is so special.

If we take into account Nani's other flicks and its US release, his MCA of 303K USD was his highest to date. jersey made 144K USD and nenu local made 167K USD. shyam singha roy made 133K USD, and Ante Sundaraniki made over 236K USD. It will be a tremendous accomplishment for dasara to surpass 500K USD in the US premieres, according to box office pundits. For the nani and dasara team, it unquestionably calls for a large celebration. sudhakar Cherukuri, who is producing dasara, has great expectations for the movie.

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