The majority of the best performers and crew members in the movie business do not dispute the presence of a casting couch. Even some of them shared their casting couch stories. However, the majority of victims are female, and in a rare instance, a male actor shared his story on the casting couch. The very well-known actor from Bhojpuri and Gorakhpur's Member of Parliament, ravi kishan, stunned everyone with his admission about sitting on the casting sofa.

The telugu public is familiar with ravi kishan from his role as the villain in Allu Arjun's Race Gurram. Recently, ravi kishan was questioned regarding the evil of the casting couch in the entertainment business. ravi kishan claimed that he had only just managed to escape from an altercation. Yes, it occurred, and this is a common occurrence in the sector. But I was able to get away somehow. My father instilled in me the value of approaching my job with integrity. I was aware of my ability.

When asked to identify the offender, actor-politician ravi kishan steadfastly declined to say "she." ravi claimed that the woman invited him to "come over for a cup of coffee tonight," claiming that she has now become a big shot. The hint, according to ravi kishan, who then declined to leave. Since ravi kishan is keeping his identity a secret, the internet is attempting to decipher some identities of current "big shot women" in indian cinema. Ranveer Singh, a well-known performer in Bollywood, previously spoke about an intimidating encounter with a powerful man who urged him to be "smart" and "sexy."

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