Dasara is directed by debutant srikanth Odela. Coming from the sukumar school, he chose a simple, rural story and location for his debut. As dasara gets underway, everyone's thoughts turn to the hamlet of Veerlapally. The people, their customs, and their everyday lives are presented in a tidy manner. While taking his time, srikanth Odela makes sure that one is fully engaged in the environment. It helps distinguish dasara from comparable high-budget attempts at rugged telugu films from recent years.

Dharani, Vennela, and Suri are the primary subjects of Dasara. The narrative is made up of their journey, which involved friendship and affection, as well as the politics in their environment. The former takes up the majority of the first half of the film, with brief interludes of political drama involving municipal body elections, etc. Many people are likely to be completely shocked by the intermission.

The effect is because it is something we don't typically see in telugu movies on a daily basis. The seamless implementation reveals the director's skill as a debutante. It greatly increases expectations for the second half. Within the first fifteen minutes, we understand what the film is really about; nothing alters in the second half. At that point, a scene ends the brief suspense and exposes the crucial details pertaining to the intermission.

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