During a festival season, it is usual for several movies to compete for viewers' attention at the box office. The same thing is occurring this dasara season, but instead of two intriguing projects, there are four that are likely to clash. The aforementioned four movies are NBK108 by balakrishna and Anil Ravipudi, RAPO20 by ram pothineni and Boyapati, tiger Nageswara Rao by ravi Teja, and Leo by tamil actor Vijay. 

Leo has already specified the dasara release date and has been verified to be released during this dasara festival season in tamil, telugu, and other languages. Given that there is still plenty of time for production, NBK108 may very well issue in time for Dasara. It has been aiming for the dasara slot. Both RAPO20 and ravi Teja's tiger Nageswara Rao are aiming for the dasara spot.

It remains to be seen if all four of these films will actually arrive on schedule during this year's dasara festival season as dasara is a relatively short festival release advantage season. The telugu audience will have a very exciting holiday season if all four do make it to the theatres this Dasara.

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