River (Leon Bridges) and Celestina (Clemons) are getting married on the property her father purchased for her mother. The gathering is being referred to by Celestina as a celebration and non-wedding ceremony with close family and friends. But since almost everyone finds the concept of a non-wedding perplexing, Celestina pushes through conversations about her unconventional engagement ring, takes gifts she didn't request, and refuses flowers. As the day progresses, Celestina finds it difficult to juggle the party preparations with her avalanche of ideas and emotions about marriage and her future, including the fact that she quit her job but hasn't informed River yet.

Celestina experiences a range of intense feelings throughout the day, including anxiety, stress, joy, doubt, and anger. These feelings combine to form a cacophony of noise that surrounds her and pierces her heart and mind. Poe perfectly captures what it feels like to be overwhelmed by many things at once. Only Lovie Simone's meditation teacher, who instructs everyone to take three deep breaths while the television is always on, breaks the tension when Celestina appears as though she is about to scream or flee.

The Young Wife's editing is crucial; it combines a barrage of never-ending advise from family and friends with the serene solitude of nature, all the while the thunder from the approaching rain serves as a constant reminder to the audience that not everything is well in Celestina's world. She manages to cycle through a wide range of feelings. The intensity of Celestina's self-doubt, her consideration of the justification for the next significant step in her romantic relationship, her consideration of the what-ifs and social norms, and her desire to love someone completely in spite of all obstacles—mental and otherwise—are all captured by Poe.

The Young wife is primarily a party, but it is marred by Celestina's extremely complex and realistic emotions. The movie makes it clear that, despite being Celestina's big decision, she is under pressure and is receiving conflicting advice from her mother, future mother-in-law, best friend Sabrina, and a number of other people who either question or support her or otherwise annoy her with their opinions and need for attention. Poe does a masterful job of bringing a growing feeling of unease and dissonance to the movie. The anxiety and intense emotions that permeate the entire narrative draw viewers in so deeply that they may feel like running away alongside Celestina.

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