Film actor arya told reporters in coimbatore that when there is an environment where there is no harmony, I think there is a need for the slogan 'Allah and Ayyanar are one and those who do not know it are dust in their mouths'.

Actor arya and actress Siddhi Itnani, who starred in the film 'Kadar Padsha yana Muthuramalingam' directed by film director Muthiah, met the press today (May 28) in Coimbatore. Actor arya then said: "Muthiah has said various things like soil, gratitude, family in his own style. It is a commercial entertainer action movie. There is a line in the film that says 'Allah and Ayyan are one and those who do not know it are dirt in their mouths'. At a time when there is no harmony, I think such verses are needed. There will be scenes of the script in the film.

A poster and a song related to the actor Rajinikanth featured in the film have been kept for excitement. It has nothing to do with the film. I have long wanted to act in a film like Action in the village. That is why the story was created for him because he asked director Muttiah. GV Prakash's music is a strong side to the film. The fact that I did not act in village films was not because there was no Fan india film.

Even the film Gandhara was shot in the village. Pan india is the subject. When the movie is released in OTT, they translate it into multiple languages, then depending on the draft available, it is decided whether it is a Pan india movie. Next I am doing a movie called Mr. X. The story work for Sarbhata 2 is going on. Filming will begin by the end of this year. CSK will win the IPL final. This is what he said.

Actress Siddhi Itnani says, "I have played a heavy and important role of tamil Chelvi in this film. It is an honor to act with leading actors like silambarasan and Arya,'' he said.

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