Kamal Haasan on 'KH 234': Collaboration after 35yrs!!!

Kamal Haasan has reteamed with filmmaker mani ratnam for his upcoming project, tentatively titled "KH 234." The movie is yet to start filming, and the official announcement was made on Kamal Haasan's birthday. In his most recent media appearance, kamal haasan has finally spoken candidly about his movie with Mani Ratnam. kamal haasan revealed that he and mani ratnam are talking about the movie's progress and that the anticipation from the audience is making them uneasy. However, Kamal went on to say that they are both trying to make a strong movie, similar to their first effort, "Nayakan."

In two to three months, "KH 234" will begin filming. Once the movie opens in theatres, the cast and crew will be officially revealed. trisha was previously reported to be portraying Kamal Haasan's female lead, but nothing has come of that story. If trisha is cast in "KH 234," it will be her third collaboration with kamal haasan after their work on the films "Manmadhan Ambu" and "Thoongavanam."

The final stages of filming for "Indian 2," starring kamal haasan and director Shankar, are now being completed. In the upcoming sequel to the 1996 tamil film "Indian," kamal haasan will reprise his role as Senapathy as an older and wiser version of the renowned actor.

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