Prior to the flops like saaho and Radhe Shyam, uv creations was one of the top production companies in telugu cinema. The production house reportedly expressed significant frustration with the financial obstacles, despite the fact that they never really did so. The most recent information we have is that prabhas prevented UV from going down in history by negotiating one very large deal!

With Prabhas's deal, uv creations is said to have been able to pay off significant debts and now has extra money on hand to continue producing films. According to reports, prabhas was a crucial factor in UV selling the theatrical rights of Adipurush in telugu states to Peoples media Factory for a staggering 170 crore rupees. UV had previously acquired the rights for about 80 crore rupees.

In relation to sandeep Vanga's 'Spirit' rights, prabhas also secured another agreement for uv creations with people media Factory. The rights to Adipurush and Spirit are in the possession of Peoples media Factory, which is now making the prabhas - Maruthi movie. Due to Prabhas' enormous deals and revenues, uv creations is once again well-funded. If their future decisions are well thought out, a production firm with such large sums in hand can endure for a very long period. prabhas might not always be able to save!

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