The businesses supported by reliance have a reputation of thoroughly tearing down competitors with their user-friendly programs whenever other industry players are making strides. They have jio for free when internet rates are rising, which transformed the cost and use of the internet in India. Here's another one of these blows.

Jio cinema recently shocked everyone by stealing the IPL rights, which are typically purchased by Hotstar for a hefty sum. Additionally, the cricket event was free for everyone to watch on the app. They then started purchasing expensive films and streaming them for free. When compared to the well-known OTT platforms that telugu consumers adore using, the jio cinema app is also performing fairly well, except for the 30-second adverts that appear every 10 minutes.

There is a rumour going around right now that jio cinema is looking to buy some significant telugu bigwigs. While streaming services like Amazon, Netflix, and Hotstar are prepared to pay about 65 to 85 crores for some future telugu blockbusters, jio cinema is asking a price that is far higher, and our filmmakers who love to make money are now exploring that alternative. If that occurs, jio would stream the movies for free, drawing a sizable audience, which will undoubtedly collapse the OTT market of other competitors.

Many people first dismissed rumours that jio cinema will enter the telugu market as a joke, but as they have begun to build the framework for acquiring certain telugu bigwigs, the competition is now visibly shuddering. We need to wait and see.

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