Vijay is so angry with Jyothika..!?

Venkat Prabhu's 14 years of penance, he has got the opportunity to direct Vijay's 68th film. Who is the heroine of this film produced by AGS is currently being talked about as a hot topic. Work and story discussions for Vijay 68 are going on. venkat prabhu is keeping calm as Vijay has said that he should give an update only after the movie Leo. But despite that, some updates are coming out. One of them is being talked about as the heroine of the film. venkat prabhu wants to cast jyothika for this film. The reason is that venkat prabhu has taken this decision thinking that Vijay Jyothika's lively film should be like Khushi.
This was accepted by all. But did not tell Vijay. Jyotika is already to star opposite Vijay in Mersal. She asked atlee to change some scenes to her liking. But atlee did not do that and left without telling Vijay while he was acting. After that menon -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>nithya menon replaced Jyotika. But because of that incident, Vijay is upset with Jyothika. If Jyotika plays the lead role in this film, he will definitely not accept it, he will cast other young actresses.
But venkat prabhu wants to achieve this through the production company. They are going to tell Vijay who is joining Thalapathy 68 after completing the shooting of Leo soon, that jyothika is the heroine of the film. After that, only the decision taken by Vijay will make it clear who will be the heroine.

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