Is Thalapathy Vijay fan even in Russia..!?

While Thalapathy Vijay has a global fan following, the air india flight broke down and the passengers were put up in a hotel in Russia. A video of a Russian woman mentioning the names of her favorite indian actors including Vijay is now going viral. On june 7, an air india non-stop flight from delhi to san francisco made an emergency landing in Magadan, russia due to a sudden engine failure. Later, all 232 passengers traveling on the air india flight were safely accommodated in the hotel.
While air india has taken care of all their food and accommodation needs, it was informed that the passengers traveling on the flight will be taken to Francisco by an alternate flight. For about two days the 232 passengers stayed at one place and spent the time singing songs to console each other. While exchanging happiness by singing devotional songs and their favorite songs, some people from russia also came to help the indian and foreign passengers. A fan from russia said that she likes three indian celebrities including Thalapathy Vijay. A Russian woman says in the video that she likes Rishi Kapoor, Vijay, and mithun Chakraborty.

Similarly, the Russians were surprised to see some indians chanting the gayatri Mantra while sitting in a hotel. It is noteworthy that they also shared about their favorite actors. Many Vijay fans have seen this video and are celebrating that Thalapathy's fame has crossed the ocean and reached the world fans.

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