Actor ashish vidyarthi was divorced by his first wife Piloo, why did ashish get married again? What did Peeloo say about this?

Multilingual actor ashish vidyarthi surprised by getting married for the 2nd time at the age of 57. He got trolled with the news of Sakat getting married for the second time with rupali Barua, an Assam-based fashion store owner. ashish vidyarthi, who was single after complaining from his first wife Piloo, is now living together again. At this age, there are many people who wonder if marriage is necessary. The couple has not paid attention to these trolls till date. 'I want to get married again. Because I had a firm belief in who I wanted to travel with. I was 55 years old at that time. Then I wanted to marry someone. Then I met rupali Barua. We met a year ago after chatting. We realized that we could walk together as husband and wife. So me and rupali got married. She is 50 years old. I am 57. Age does not matter. What matters is that we are happy. Irrespective of age, let's move forward with snoring', he shut the trolls' mouths. However, whenever his photo appears, there are more trolls. Only Karey Anna's couple has also shared their honeymoon photos.

Now this is the first time ashish Vidyarthi's first wife Peeloo has broken her silence. She talked about herself and her ex-husband Ashish. Peelu said, 'We separated in 2021. The best part of my life has been my 22 years as wife with Ashish. This is what ashish says when asked. True, we had similarities and differences, but did not blame each other for being different. Our son now works for tesla and the credit goes to his father Ashish. He has been a good father, a suitable guide and a good mentor to our son. Generally, mothers are responsible for parenting. But in our case, ashish took the lead role of raising our son as a great human being and a successful professional.

'You may ask why we got divorced now after 22 years of marriage. We spent our lives raising our son. Now he is living abroad. We have time to think about ourselves and what we plan to do to achieve as individuals. ashish is no ordinary husband who doesn't allow me to do whatever I want. He has always supported me. But our future plans are different, what we want to achieve as individuals throughout our lives is different. In all these years we never felt the need to separate. Because we never thought about ourselves,' said Peeloo.

  'Now - we have time to think. We don't have to compromise in order to raise our son. He now has a life of his own, as individuals, we have the right to satisfy our wants and needs throughout our lives. So we separated. When we think of married life, we think of being together. When it comes to staying together, we compromise our wants and needs to stay together. There are personal sacrifices and financial sacrifices we make to stay a couple. We realize that this is no longer necessary. So I asked ashish for a divorce. He understood what I wanted and helped me get what I wanted. He made this divorce process easy for me. No fighting, no fighting, no blaming or shaming - he helped me, supported me and stood by me to sort out this divorce,' said Peeloo.

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