A surprising news is coming out about bollywood actress Zarine Khan. According to reports, Sealdah court of

Kolkata has issued an arrest warrant in the name of Zarine Khan. Actually, a company had filed a complaint against

the actress here.

Complaint filed against Zarine Khan

A complaint was filed against the actress for not attending 6 events in the year 2018. Complaints were received

against him for not attending 6 kali Puja programs in kolkata and North 24 Parganas. This complaint has been

lodged at Narkeldanga police station on behalf of an event management company. After which Narkeldanga police

presented the charge sheet in Sealdah court. After the matter came to light, we tried to contact Zarine Khan in this

matter but did not get any response.

Started career with salman Khan

Zarine Khan started her acting career in 2010 with the film Veer with salman Khan. The actress also got a lot of

fame through the film. But after some time, instead of appreciating the actress’s work, the audience started

comparing her looks with actress katrina Kaif. After which the actress gradually disappeared from the industry.

Zareen had said this on comparison with Katrina

The actress had broken her silence some time back when compared to Katrina. On this, Zarine Khan had said, “I

feel very happy when I am compared with Katrina. Because I myself am a big fan of hers and I also find her very

beautiful. But this comparison had an adverse impact on my career…because of the comparison, people in the

industry did not give me a chance to prove my skills.

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