Recently Nagini 2 serial actress namrata Gowda has entered her new house and television actors have arrived and wished her well. Here are the moments of celebration of namrata Gowda's homecoming. Actress Namratha Gowda, who became popular with Nagini 2 and Putta Gowri marriage serial, has stepped into a new house and made a grand entrance. namrata dressed up in saree, jewelery and mehendi. television actors and actresses, background singers, technicians and many others came and wished them good luck in the grand housewarming ceremony. Fans have also wished their favorite actress home.

Actress Neha Gowda, Anupama Gowda, Kavita Gowda, Kishan Bilagali, Yashasvini K Swamy, Anika Scindia, sindhu Kalyana, karthik Sharma etc. arrived and wished namrata Gowda's new home. These photos are making noise on social media. Actress namrata, first in a peach colored saree and then in a pink colored saree, appeared stunningly during the homecoming. Mehendi on hand, temple jewelery and jasmine flower on head looked very characteristic. namrata Gowda has shared photos of Puja at home, moments of father, mother, relatives celebrating with friends, as well as photos of herself on her social media. Actresses Anupama Gowda and Neha Gowda, who attended namrata Gowda's housewarming together, shared these photos on social media and Anupama Gowda wished namrata that she is very proud of you.


Actress sindhu Kalyan, who played the role of Namrata's mother-in-law in Putta Gauri's marriage serial, namrata had the best bonding with, and in this background, Sindhu's husband's children and family came and participated in the event and celebrated. bigg boss contestant and dancer Kishan Bilagali and namrata are best friends and have done many dance reels together. The two danced together even on the house entry and Kishan wished namrata through those reels. Currently, actress namrata Gowda is not acting in any serials, but the news that she will compete in the bigg boss program which will start soon has been doing the rounds for a long time. It is also said that he has moved into his new home early.

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