Kritika Malik felt bad while crying, this incident happened with Armaan Malik's second wife.

Armaan Malik's Wife: YouTuber armaan malik remains connected with his fans on social media. Recently, it was seen in the vlog that Kritika Malik was in a bad state due to crying.

Kritika Malik

YouTuber armaan malik remains in the headlines regarding his personal life as well as professional life. Armaan has a strong fan following on social media and he keeps sharing every small and big update related to his life with his fans.

Kritika Malik felt bad after crying

Recently, Armaan Malik's second wife Kritika Malik was seen quite sad in the vlog. Kritika also started crying. In her latest vlog, Kritika Malik said that there is some problem with her Instagram. Because of this, they are not able to see their videos. Because of this, Kritika Malik becomes very upset and starts crying. Kritika tells the fans you know that I take out time from the children and make videos with so much effort, but after this, when my hard work goes to waste like this, it feels very bad.

This incident happened with Armaan Malik's second wife

Krutika said that the entire draft of insta has been destroyed and she had at least 35 videos. He asked the fans and said please tell me if anyone knows how the draft can come back. In today's time, most people know the famous armaan malik and his two wives Kritika Malik and Payal Malik on social media. Everyone is curious to know the latest updates on this family.

Let us tell you that armaan malik married his second wife i.e. Krutika Malik in the year 2018. YouTuber armaan malik is quite popular, he has millions of fans on social media. Malik's family keeps sharing updates related to their life through their YouTube vlogs.

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