dev anand was a bollywood superstar. He gave many hit films and also made many achievements in his

name. dev anand was very fond of his lavish house situated in Juhu, a posh area of Mumbai. However, after

the death of the actor, his house became vacant, in fact his children and wife moved out and settled in

different cities. Now Dev Anand’s family has sold the actor’s bungalow.

Dev Anand’s Juhu house sold

dev anand built a house in Juhu in 1950. At that time there was not much crowd here but it was a secluded

place surrounded by greenery. The actor passed away in 2011 and since then this house remained deserted.

According to a report in Hindustan Times, Dev Anand’s son has settled in America while his wife Kalpana

lives in ooty with their daughter Devina. According to the report, the actor’s bungalow has been sold to a

real estate company for Rs 400 crore. The place where Dev Anand’s bungalow stands today is now one of

the most prominent areas of the city. It is home to many famous celebs and industrialists. It has also been

said in the report that the late actor’s family has also sold some addition properties in Panvel, Maharashtra.

The money received from the sale will be divided among the three members of the actor’s family.

Multi story building will be built by demolishing Dev Anand’s bungalow.

The report also says that Dev Anand’s bungalow will now be demolished and a new 22-storey building will

be constructed in its place. Let us tell you that dev anand lived in his Juhu residence with his wife and

children for 40 years, however, after his demise, there was no one to live in it or take care of it.

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