Actress amy jackson looks and fashion choices are often subjected to intense scrutiny and criticism, not just here, but across the world. Recently, british actress Amy Jackson's striking new look became the hot topic of debate, and sadly, even ridicule. Amy has worked in indian films like Singh is Bliing with akshay kumar and 2.0 with Rajinikanth, to name a few. people on social media were quick to attribute her new look to plastic surgery or gender-affirmation. Some described her new appearance as ‘ugly’ and memes of her resemblance to Cilian Murphy went viral. Most (of her indian fans) sounded disappointed that she no longer looked as demure as her former self, and the way she was portrayed in some of her desi films.
When we reached out to Amy, sharing her thoughts on the insensitive and hurtful comments, she said, “I’m an actor and I take my job very seriously. For the last month, I’ve been filming a new project in the UK. So, for the character I am playing, I had to slim down and fully commit myself to the role”. She added, “The online outcry from the (mainly male) indian demographic is quite sad. I’ve worked with male co-stars who had to drastically change their look for a film, and they were highly praised for it. The moment a woman does it through unusual hair and makeup which doesn’t conform to their idealism of beauty, they think they have the right to troll you.”

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