After a string of duds, Rajinikanth's Jailer went on to become a massive success and restored the Superstar to form. Although Rajini's fame and the plot of Jailer contributed to its popularity, Anirudh is unquestionably the driving force behind the film's success. Everyone agrees that Jailer is a dull and uninteresting movie without Anirudh's BGM.

That could be a fact on which everyone can agree. But given that his film has already been a hit, the actor himself won't be expected to speak poorly of it. Rajinikanth described "Jailer" as an above-average movie before the RR in the case of its success. Earlier, for his cult classic 'Baashaa' also he made such a statement and praised music composer deva for a brilliant BGM.

Before re-recording, Rajinikanth said that his initial viewing of the movie left him with a "above average" feeling, giving Anirudh the credit for the film's success. He said that Anirudh was the one who advanced the situation so that he and Nelson, Anirudh's friend, could succeed. To be honest with you, Anirudh was the one who improved the movie, according to Rajini. Blown away in the mind He viewed it as a test.

Although Rajinikanth's candour is already well known, his most recent remarks praising Anirudh appear to have angered Nelson's supporters. They were not pleased with Rajinikanth's statements on Beast's failure at another event. Many people think it's great that Rajinikanth finally had a hit movie after almost a decade, but it's also nice to hear him criticise the filmmaker in his words.

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