Since it began shooting last year, the forthcoming movie guntur Kaaram starring superstar mahesh babu has encountered various difficulties. Mahesh wasn't satisfied with the final product, therefore the script underwent a number of revisions and some sequences were cut. Later, other crucial technicians left the project, and pooja hegde abruptly left after that. All of these problems created a great deal of uncertainty and significantly slowed down the filming procedures.

The filmmakers insisted that despite several obstacles and setbacks, the movie will open in time for Sankranti. The crew is currently working against the clock to achieve the deadlines with less than four months till release. mahesh babu is making every effort to prevent a last-minute stampede. Reliable sources state that Mahesh works nonstop every day from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. to complete his responsibilities. The team is sure that they will complete the filming in time for sankranti season since the shooting is currently moving along at a blazing pace.

For this rural drama, trivikram srinivas is largely relying on public appeal and entertainment. He intends to begin the promotions very soon. Everyone responded enthusiastically to the first teaser. To increase the hype surrounding the movie, they now want to release each song individually over the next few days. The female stars in this movie are sree Leela and Meenakshii Chaudhary, while ss thaman composed the music for it. This high-profile entertainment project was made by the production company Haarika and Hassine Creations.

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