The film akhanda, starring balakrishna and boyapati Sreenu, was produced by miryala ravinder reddy, the CEO of Dwarka Creations. Following the enormous success of akhanda, he is now releasing Peddha Kapu 1, a modern political thriller. The 29th of september has been set aside for the film's debut. On this occasion, producer miryala ravinder reddy spoke with the press and discussed the akhanda and Peddha Kapu sequels.

Ravinder reddy expressed his excitement for the sequel of Akhanda. He did, however, add that the sequel won't start right away since boyapati Sreenu, the director, and balakrishna are both quite busy. The sequel to Peddha Kapu 1 is now under production, and the producer also said that it will begin shooting in 2024 and be released the following year. He said that a third installment of the movie may be possible.

With Peddha Kapu 1, Virat Karna makes his acting debut as a hero, while pragathi Srivatsava plays the lead role. The film's director, srikanth Addala, also performed in a derogatory capacity. The movie's posters and ads have gotten excellent feedback, and producer miryala ravinder reddy and her crew are optimistic about the outcome.

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