The entry of this heroine into a major production has now sparked a controversy in Tollywood, as everyone is debating how she ever got the role in this movie. This is due to the fact that the filmmakers originally intended to include a different heroine, but after thinking that the hero would propose a different name, they realised that a different heroine had already entered the picture. This is how the discussion is right now.

In fact, another National Award-winning actress who has plenty of open dates was previously set to appear in this movie but was abruptly dropped from the production. According to legend, the hero put pressure on the producers and the director to cast this renowned actress as the heroine.

According to rumours, the two were quite close while working on a movie, but after some time, they severed all relations. Pushing this great heroine into the movie at a time when whispers are swirling about the hero's relationship with another diva is generating questions right now.

On the other hand, according to some reports, the movie's talented lead actress was only cast after the creators came up with a financial plan that provides the film a boost. The topic of the hero's proximity to heroines is currently in the spotlight, despite the fact that no one truly understands the truth about it.

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