shahid Kapoor and kriti sanon are set to star in an upcoming untitled romantic drama, sparking considerable excitement among fans. Several weeks ago, the film’s producers unveiled a poster showcasing the lead actors and announced a release date of december 8. However, trade expert Taran adarsh has recently confirmed a change in the release plan, rescheduling it for the Valentine’s Day 2024 week. The film, still without an official title, is now slated to hit theatres on february 9, 2024. This development has added even more anticipation and curiosity among fans.

As per a report the decision to shift the release date to february aligns with the film’s best interests. “It’s a decision taken in the best interest of the film. The makers are now looking to hit the big screen in the month of february – which is the month of love. The release period of Valentines’ Day is also in sync with the core plot of the film, appealing to the youth,” a source told

Additionally, the report stated that the film heavily relies on its music, which the makers plan to leverage in their promotional efforts. “The film has some peppy dance numbers and will feature shahid and Kriti at their best showcasing their dancing skills. There is also a romantic number, which could catch up in a big way with the audience. The flavour of the story added with music will make it the perfect bet for Valentines’ Day release for the young cine-going audience,” it said.

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