It is known that Rowdy star Vijay Devarakonda's next film Family Star is coming. This movie is directed by Parashuram and produced by dil Raju. Although they are trying hard to bring the film to the audience for Sankranti, there is a talk that plans are not being worked out. On the other hand, Vijay gautam has already started Tinnanuri movie. But the film had to be given a little break as Family Star had to be completed quickly. 

Now rahul sankrityan is also getting ready to do a film with Vijay. Their previous collaboration taxiwala was a success at the box office. It seems that the director who fixed the story in a different backdrop is going to present the rowdy star like Never Before. It is reported that Vijay is also going to take training to master the slang for the hero character in the film. 

It is said that care is being taken to ensure complete rayalaseema local flavor. Vijay's character is very powerful in it. It seems that the complete script of this movie is almost ready. director rahul wants to finish the pre-production works soon and start the regular shooting of the film. Vijay gautam is likely to finish simultaneously with the Tinnanuri project but Vijay will have to fix the dates for these two films.

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