Sandeep Reddy's 'Animal,' starring Ranbir Kapoor, will be released on december 1st. With its trailer, word regarding its length, and the pre-release event last night in Hyderabad, the film has already generated a lot of buzz. If the picture is well received, there will be no looking back at the box office. The picture will have enough scope to generate income till the release of Salaar. However, Nani's 'Hi Nanna,' which will be published on december 7th, is failing to compete.

Natural Superstar nani starred as the lead in 'Hi Nanna,' an emotional drama with family ties. The film's female protagonist is played by Mrunal Thakur. The trailer had a great impact, but there has been no consistent growth in the hype surrounding the film. The film's advertising is begun, but it is evident that the picture is straining to keep up with the mania.

In today's world, marketing are critical in generating an initial good response to any film. When the picture has well-known actors, the box office earnings will almost likely increase. 'Hi Nanna,' on the other hand, has a number of concerning characteristics. First and foremost, 'Animal' poses a significant threat to the existence of 'Hi Nanna.' If Ranbir's picture becomes a big hit, it will remain in cinemas for two to three weeks, putting other new movies in a difficult position of getting suitable venues.

Second, nani has been engaging in the promotions on her own for quite some time. Audiences will quickly become bored if no novel techniques are used to draw people during promotions. Boredom results from the use of routine advertising methods.

Another significant flaw is the lack of the film's heroine, Mrunal Thakur, from the promotional materials. Mrunal has a significant part in the film, which is her second telugu release. She has a sizable fan base, with people flocking to cinemas just to see her. In such a case, her participation would significantly boost the film's promotional efforts. However, she is preoccupied with other obligations and has yet to devote to full-time marketing of the picture.

As a result, all of these variables put nani in a position where he needs to do something unique in order to draw everyone's attention to his film. With only ten days till the film's premiere, everyone is waiting to see what nani can come up with to match the fever and hype that the film brings.

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