Most films see budget increases for a variety of reasons, one of which is the need for substantial visual effects. It is undoubtedly difficult for filmmakers to finish films within their projected costs. Additionally, producers set aside additional funds for excellence and excellent quality. To get right to the point, Operation valentine, Mega prince Varun Tej's airborne action adventure, was produced for a whopping Rs 40 Cr. The clip was just published to a thunderous reception across the nation, and it was very startling to witness such high-caliber pictures.

It seems from the teaser that the film had a budget of between 80 and 100 crores. Everyone is grateful to filmmaker shakti for his excellent direction and hero varun Tej for his amazing performance. The three-minute movie is currently trending at the top of YouTube with over 20 million views, including those in telugu and Hindi. It has increased anticipation for the film, which opens on march 1st.
Netizens began comparing varun Tej's Operation valentine to Hirthik Roshan's fighter as soon as the movie's trailer appeared online. As previously stated, Operation valentine would take a fresh tack by director shakti Pratap Singh. The dialogue writer for the movie, Sai madhav Burra, stated in a recent interview that although the two films share a similar setting, they are not the same in any other way.

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