Vanitha is the eldest daughter born to star couple vijayakumar and Manjula. Vanitha Vijayakumar, who made her debut as a heroine in the film 'Chandralekha' opposite Thalapathy Vijay, acted in a few films. Following this, she married actor akash in 2000 and settled down.

Later in the same year, she married a businessman named Anand. Later she divorced him too. Finally, Vanitha, who was married to Peter Paul, also separated from him. Some people become popular among people through their acting and talent. Some become famous through negative reviews and controversies.

Popular actress Vanitha vijayakumar is the 2nd category. Vanitha has been famous for her many controversies, starting with her disagreements with her parents and siblings before the media came to light and ending with her married life.

Vanitha's married life and her family problems are an open book. A few years ago, a fight between Vanitha and her family erupted into a big fight. Vanitha was shunned by her entire family following this fight. Following this, Vanitha is raising her daughters alone.


An old interview in which Vanitha spoke about her father vijayakumar is currently going viral on the internet. Vanitha said, “In a recent interview, my father explained how my daughters are by name. In it, Kavita, Anita, Arun Vijay, followed by Preeta, Sri Devi without mentioning my name. I must have watched that video atleast 10 times like watching Neelambari in Paydayappa.

My father told the names of children other than me as children who listened to me. If he wants, he may not call me son, he may not say my name. But the world does not say so. I am always his child. When I was asked how my name should be mentioned in the newly married I said Vanitha Vijayakumar. That's why I still have that name.

Vanitha said with a smile, "How many times my name would have changed if I had kept it as Vanitha Akash?" He continued saying, "I am the only child who listened to father's speech. It is because of him that my life has deteriorated. My life would have been anyhow. "But my life has changed so much because of listening to him," he said.

Although this video of Vanitha is an old video, recently vijayakumar kept Vanitha away from her granddaughter Diya's wedding. This video is going viral on the internet

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