Alaia Baldwin Aronow: Hailey Bieber's sister Aronow was arrested, threw a tampon at the bartender, and kicked a bouncer!

Hailey Bieber's sister and actor stephen Baldwin's daughter Alaia Baldwin Aronow was arrested by the police. The model is accused of assault and throwing a tampon at the bartender. Hailey Bieber's sister and actor stephen Baldwin's daughter Alaya Baldwin Arono is in the headlines these days. According to reports, Aronow was arrested on assault charges following a fight at a bar in Savannah, georgia last weekend. Reportedly, she threw a used tampon at a bartender and also attacked employees several times.

Allegations against Alayah Baldwin Orono

According to reports, Savannah police Department officers were dispatched to Club Elan in downtown Savannah at approximately 2:30 p.m. The bar manager informed authorities that Alaya had allegedly attacked several employees as they were escorting him out of the bar. When he used the toilet and vomited there.

Misbehavior with employees

The police report said the bar's security cameras captured Aronow trying to use a bathroom that was for employees only. Bar staff stopped them and asked them to go to the public bathroom. He did not like this and started fighting with them. The bar alleges that she had become too violent. The report also claimed that he pulled the hair of one bouncer and kicked another in the groin.

Hailey remained silent on Aaron's actions

Aronow was fired from the bar, but she did not leave. He called the police and said that they had thrown him out without any reason. At first, she lied and said she didn't throw away the tampon, but then she admitted it. The model told the police that she was defending herself from the bouncers. Aronow's sister Hailey has also remained silent on the matter.

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