Vijay Devarakonda: The results of 'The Family Star' broke Raju's heart, and the release of the next two films is in trouble.

Actor Vijay Deverakonda, who has been searching for a hit since the film 'Dear Comrade', is in trouble after the flop of his film 'The Family Star' released last week. The producer of this film, dil Raju, is also in trouble for the film. The failure has broken. According to the information, due to this, dil raju has postponed the release of his next two films indefinitely.

South cinema producer dil Raju, who has twice won the National Film Award for Best Film in the Complete Entertainment Film category, has been a big name in telugu cinema. Although he has made films in hindi and tamil cinema also, his company Srivenkateshwara Creations has the highest reputation in telugu cinema. But, this reputation has been tarnished by vijay deverakonda and Mrunal Thakur's film 'The Family Star' released last week.

Dil Raju has been a big name in telugu cinema for giving hit films one after the other but he has been in trouble for the last few years. In this context, he tried his luck in tamil cinema last year with the film 'Varisu' but it did not work out. Now he had high expectations from Vijay devarakonda and Mrunal's film 'Family Star', but the film failed at the box office in the first week itself. Due to this, the release of dil Raju's next two films has been postponed.

Even before the release of the film 'The Family Star', dil raju had made complete plans for the release of his three films. After this film of Vijay, he was going to release the film 'Love Me' at the end of this month and his suhas starrer film at the end of next month. The promotion plan of all three films was made simultaneously and work on it also started, but the failure of Vijay Deverakonda's starrer 'The Family Star' has ruined this plan. Adding to the problem is that the music given by oscar winner MM keeravani for the film 'Love Me' has been rejected by the audience.

According to the information, the future of these two films is now in limbo. After the flop of 'The Family Star', dil raju has postponed the release of 'Love Me' and suhas starter indefinitely. Another film of dil raju has been pending for a long time in which Yashwant master is said to be playing the lead role. The release date of this film is also now in limbo.

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