'Gilli' is not a film that Vijay and trisha should act in... Do you know who that powder couple who missed a good chance?

In this collection, we will see about the actor and actress who missed the opportunity to act in the mass hit film Gilli starring Vijay Trisha. Gilli is one of the films that made actor Vijay, who was a romantic hero in tamil cinema, an action hero. Directed by Dharani, the film was released in 2004 and featured trisha opposite actor Vijay. And prakash raj gave a great performance as Muthuppandi the threatening villain. Gilli was made as a tamil remake of mahesh babu starrer okkadu in Telugu. Vijay's performance, Trisha's cuteness, Prakash Raj's villainy, Vidyasagar's music, and Tharani's lively screenplay are the main reasons behind the enigmatic success of Gilli. All the songs composed by vidyasagar for the film are celebrated even today. The Gilli film collected double the collection at the box office than the original version of the film No matter how many times Gilli is aired on TV, the attendance is increasing day by day. Due to this, the film team has decided to re-release the film Gilli and it will be re-released on april 20. The booking for the film is currently going on in full swing. As the film Ghilli has completed 20 years since its release, fans are making it a trend by creating a hashtag called 20yearsofghilli.

In this case, we will see in this collection the actor and actress who missed the opportunity to act in the film. director dharani first told the story of Gilli to actor Seeyan Vikram. Dharani, who has worked with him on two consecutive hits dil and Powder, has also had the idea of making Gilli with him. He also planned to cast jyothika as the heroine in the film. But at that time both vikram and jyothika were busy with other films, so dharani told Vijay the same story. dharani has tasted blockbuster success by taking the film with Vijay as well. The news of actor vikram passing up the chance to act in a mass film like Gilli is going viral on social media.

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