Akshay Kumar used to get engaged to a girl every week!!!

Akshay Kumar is living a happy married life with his wife Twinkle Khanna and children. But before marriage, he had many affairs which were not hidden from anyone. Before Twinkle, Akshay Kumar's name was associated with many bollywood beauties. These include names ranging from rekha, shilpa Shetty, and priyanka chopra to Raveena Tandon.

Akshay Kumar had even got engaged to raveena tandon, but despite this, news of his having relationships with many beauties came to light. Raveena herself had revealed that when she was Akshay Kumar's girlfriend, she had caught him red-handed along with rekha and Sushmita.

Akshay caught red-handed with Sushmita and Rekha!

In an old interview given to Stardust magazine, raveena tandon said - 'When Akshay used to have other affairs, my journalist friends used to warn me. I caught Akshay red-handed with Sushmita and Rekha. In another interview, Raveena had said that honesty matters to her, but it was not important for Akshay. The actress had said- 'He expected that I would forgive him every time. I did this for three years.

Akshay had proposed for marriage

Raveena Tandon had said that she got engaged at the age of 23. At that time she was recovering from her previous breakup and then Akshay had expressed his desire to marry her. Raveena says- 'I told him that I am not the kind of girl with whom you can live, have fun, and then leave. So he said I will send Mom and Dad to your house. His parents came to my house, met my family and it became like an arranged marriage. I didn't love him.

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