Jr. ntr and Vishwaksen were among the celebrities in attendance during the star-studded success meet of "Tillu Square," the follow-up to "DJ Tillu." In addition to the movie shattering box office records, the red carpet arrivals gave the event an extra dose of glitz. Online conversations were sparked by the amazing glam treats that actresses anupama parameswaran and Neha Shetty, who portrayed the key characters of Lilly and Radhika, respectively, stole the show with.

Anupama and Neha chose to dress in traditional indian sarees with a striking twist. anupama parameswaran opted for a more conventional black saree with a sleeveless top, while neha shetty went for a dramatic style with a blue bralette peeping through a glittering saree. The two actresses were radiant, striking nothing short of spectacular postures for the camera. Their brief event films are currently becoming popular online, and many are discussing which glam moment is more visually appealing.

Every internet user has a different motivation for rooting for Lilly or Radhika, also known as Anupama and Neha, respectively, but they are both genuinely impressive with their oomph factor. Even while Neha is already well-known for her delicious sweets, Anupama is new to the group. Therefore, they should both presumably split the glam-queen trophy.

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